Valuation Services

The Property Partnership (TPP) offers a wide range of valuation services, encompassing both land & buildings and plant & machinery.

The most commonly encountered client requirements are set out below:

Fair Value for Balance Sheet Purposes

There is an increasing need for companies to correctly reflect the value of their assets on the balance sheet. We provide motivated valuations…

Insurance Valuations

To ensure that assets are correctly insured in order to avoid loss or averaging, we assist clients with updated replacement cost valuations.

Market Value / Rental Value

For clients having to sell, buy or rent property or plant, we offer independent and motivated valuations allowing informed decision making.

Why Choose Us

As one of South Africa’s leading and long standing valuation firms, we are committed to providing clients with independent and motivated valuations.

Our competitive fees and quick turnaround times, and the fact that we provide free quotations prior to proceeding with a valuation instruction, further makes us a preferred choice for a number of clients.

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