About Us

Welcome to The Property Partnership, one of South Africa’s leading property, plant and machinery valuers. Originally formed in May 1985 with Standard Bank as a majority shareholder, the business was subsequently acquired by the current members in 1988 and has continued successfully as a pure valuation practice with a significant JSE listed and international client base.

All valuers employed are Professional Valuers registered with the SACPVP, as well as the RICS. Established for over 30 years, The Property Partnership has held significant levels of professional indemnity insurance since 1987, thereby offering further protection to our clients. We have, and continue to establish, a reputation for providing well motivated and objective reports based on sound research. We have guarded our independence and objectivity, ensuring that potential conflicts prejudicial to our clients’ interests are avoided. These attributes have been recognised by our clients to the extent that we have established and maintained mutually beneficial and strong relationships.

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